Peacebuilding and Statebuilding in Post Conflict Contexts: The Case of the New Sudans (New York - 17.10.11)

Seminar Background

The challenge that faces most post-conflict contexts is how to undertake state and institutional re-building while also paying attention to the socio-political issues that underpin the outbreak of violent conflicts.  The independence of South Sudan on 9 July 2011 presents a case in point:  the opportunity for sustained socio-economic growth and holistic security (Human Security) cannot be guaranteed without recognizing that many outstanding issues between Sudan and South Sudan and internally within the South remain unresolved and continue to pose a threat to any rebuilding process.  Alongside of the risk of violent conflict, the new state of South Sudan also faces numerous challenges in its state- and institution-building endeavor.

The question is:  how the processes of state- and institution-building in post-conflict South Sudan can ensure that underlying threats to a peaceful transition are addressed as priorities in the recovery process by seeking to consciously integrate conflict prevention and peacebuilding as integral components of state-building enterprise.

This round-table was convened within UNDP's Preventive Action Framework Team - Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) Seminar series.

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