Human Security Framework in Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention (New York - 18.10.11)

Seminar Background

This meeting was organized within GPPAC’s Action Learning Strategy. The tentative idea was to convene a Human Security working group meeting in New York. Being the very first meeting of this new working group, there was need to engage in joint reflections on best to  operationalize the concept of Human Security (HS) within the work of violence prevention.

Critiques of the concept have argued that HS provides a hollow basket capable of encompassing everything, while at the same time remaining vague in practical application. Our argument (shared by others) to the contrary is that HS as a concept if well operationalized and contextualized provides a unique lens for visualizing security beyond the more state - centric and military perspective. That security as a public good is multi-dimensional and indeed requires the engagement of all sectors of society, of course including the state. The question which was broadly discussed was the vehicles within peacebuilders can frame and engage their work from a HS perspective.

This meeting brought together civil society representatives from around the globe and the UN - Human Security Unit.