Crowdsourcing and Conflict Prevention (New York - 09.11.11)

Crowdsourcing and Conflict Prevention:

Crowdsourcing is a methodology involving the use of new technologies and social media for gathering and sharing real-time information generated voluntarily and sometimes anonymously. This round table discussion centred on the use of crowdsourcing for collaborative conflict prevention and examined how such systems can strengthen national and local infrastructures for peace through improved government-civil society collaboration and local conflict mitigation and prevention structures. This seminar was convened by IPI and UNDP.

Key Speakers:

Ozonnia Ojielo, Coordinator of Conflict Prevention and Recovery Team, BCPR, UNDP

Beth Liebert, Product Manager, Google

Nick Martin, Co-Founder and President of TechChange

William Tsuma, Programme Manager - Preventive Action and Human Security, GPPAC

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