Resource Based Conflicts

I use the example of minerals as natural resources. If mining was mathematics, then I could argue that, gold reserves=gold=foreign exchange=national income=national wealth. Unfortunately mining does not always follow this mathematical formular. My research in Ghana's gold mines showed that: Gold Reserves=Land Loss, Water Pollution, Loss of jobs, Destruction of livelihoods, collapse of micro-economies. In other contexts, it leads to violent conflicts, loss of lives and destruction of poverty. It is no wonder that countries endowed with a wealth of natural resources - including land, water, minerals etc tend to languish in poverty and in some cases characterised by social and political tensions. Analysing resource based conflicts provides the basis for a more integrated policy interventions in such contexts.

...What exactly do you want to study? What are you here to prove? Many people come here to prove things, I am really curious to know what you want to prove?(Question by the Paramount Chief in Tarkwa)....In order to research the powerful, one needs unconventional research methods.

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