Natural Resource Governance

Conflict, often violent, results when resource users compete for declining supplies of land, water, pasture, forests. This is more the case when the loss of the natural resources threatens people’s livelihoods (UNDP, 2009). The lack of natural resources, especially land and water, can undermine the ability of the most inhabitants of developing countries to retain economic activities and also sustain their livelihoods. This page focuses of Natural Resource Governance and not management. I use the term governance, because 'governance' as a concept brings to the fore multiple stakeholders, decision makers, resource users who then manage resources through collective governance. Academic, policy and practitioner's perspectives will be shared through articles, research reports and policy briefs. Keep Reading..

...What exactly do you want to study? What are you here to prove? Many people come here to prove things, I am really curious to know what you want to prove?(Question by the Paramount Chief in Tarkwa)....In order to research the powerful, one needs unconventional research methods.

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