Human Security and Fragile States

The study of peace-building, resource governance, post-conflict recovery and grounding human security in fragile states is at the core of what I do. The question that remains unanswered and which has kept my interest on this research area is whether we need centralized forms of states? Do we need a state? Fragile states studies reveal that in the absence of a fully functioning state or in the presence of a post-conflict weak state, non-state institutions emerge to provide the social-political and economic fabric for the people. This is of course relative as in some contexts it is the militia and warlords that emerge instead.....leading to further fragility and emergence of a new dis-order. In some cases, state presence is questioned as public services remain in the domain of non-state institutions. Somaliland being a case in mind...

"What emerges from the articles is that policy options discussed by decision makers inside and outside Somalia are based primarily on global and regional security concerns. They tend to overlook the local complexities and the potential for nonviolent conflict transformation that exist in the context. In particular, the

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