Early Warning and Violence Prevention

Conflict prevention is simply my entry-point into building peace. In as long we invest in preventive action, then we reduce the likelihood of conflicts escalating into violence. My preferred approach to conflict prevention is mobilising local capacities in conflict or conflict prone areas. By locally based, I mean that local communities posses inbuilt institutions, mechanisms and structures for ensuring that conflicts do not escalate into violence. Could we strengthen these institutions so that they can compliment the work of legal/modern institutions of peace building? Conflict prevention in my view involves the linkages between early warning mechanisms, training for capacity enhancement, dialogue and improved communication between conflicting parties and finally institutional change either through dialogue or lobby.

"This paper demonstrates how the integration of disaster risk management with insecurity programming can expand the scope of risk management to the mutual benefit of communities and aid agencies" (Mitchell Andrew and Smith, M.E, 2011: Executive Summary)

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