Scott-Villiers, P Et al. (2011) The Long Conversation-Solving Conflict through Customary Approaches to Peace Management in Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. (draft)

"This working paper is a contribution to understandings of peace building and the strengths of indigenous approaches. It throws light on the achievement of peace in a five-year process led by indigenous leaders of the Borana and Gabra peoples of southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. The leaders of the research, elders of Borana and Gabra, set the frame of the inquiry and its analysis, assisted by researchers from the Institute of Development Studies. Their study reveals four aspects to peace management among pastoralists in the Kenya-Ethiopia borderlands: moral consensus, information exchange, law and surveillance. It shows how these principles are understood, debated and acted upon by different segments of society. To explain to a western audience some of the background, we draw on the work of Marco Bassi on the deep-rooted indigenous procedures of consensus, and his observations on the entwined nature of moral and political principles of coexistence within East African pastoralist societies." Scott-Villiers, P Et al.