This site is a response to the growing demand for secondary data and information on the following key research themes: Climate Change and ConflictConflict Prevention, Human Security and Fragile States, Natural Resource Governance, Resource Based Conflicts and Conflict Analysis. Students and Researchers working on these themes are confronted with the challenge of accessing relevant, current and authoritative secondary data to better understand the 'state of the art' of the subject under investigation. As publishing shifts from print to digital, online research is becoming a key necessity and an important tool for secondary literature research. Online research is however poorly developed in most 'developing' countries and accessing information from the vast online sources remains a challenge to many. In some cases it is a question of capacity of the researchers to engage in 'targeted' online research, while for others, it is an aspect of affordability. This platform hopes to bridge this gap by disseminating relevant information and data sources to those with an interest on the above topics. In doing so, I also provide a guide into some of the institutions and individuals engaged in generating knowledge on these themes. I hope you find it useful as I do and I welcome you to leave a comment and also share literature that you have found useful in your own work. For more information about me, click on the ABOUT.